Thursday, March 25, 2010

How I Ranked 1st Page in Google in less than 11 hours (or less)

So, I was screwing around on the internet today, and I came across an amazing video. The guy in the video said his method can get you ranked within 1min! This was truely something to see. So, I tried it out myself.... I wasn't ranked in the top ten in 1min but how a few short hours??? I'm between bizrate and walmart ?? If this is possible then how? Above and below are the screenshots showing page 1  my Keywords, and clicking through the page showing my affiliate link for Amazon. If you think it's cause it's a long tail keyword, the last pic shows page 3. Here is a Link to the search ... Let me know how I'm doing :)

Shorter Keywords - "Hello Kitty Scooter" - Page 3 after only 11 hours?

I was testing if this would actually work really quick so most of the content is ripped (and credited as best I could) to the Amazon site. Shortly after I got home, I recieved an email from xomba saying my account was blocked :) ... but oddly ... my pages are still there and my links too! Fun times :)

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