Saturday, January 23, 2010

My PHP IDE Choices - Efficient is Lazy

1) Netbeans 6.8 PHP Bundle - Having switched from Eclipse to Netbeans several times over my career I was familiar with both Netbeans and Eclipse, and Eclipse based IDE's such as Aptana. However, when I recently installed the new Netbeans 6.8 PHP bundle I was very impressed. I have switched from Aptana Studio to the new Netbeans for my PHP and Javascript work for primarily 1 reason. I lets me be lazy, and lazy on this blog means efficient.

Netbeans 6.8 integrates with phpunit, picks up TODO markers, and knows what symfony is. Creating Unit tests is a snap, and Netbeans will give code coverage results. The suggestions, I found, were mostly right on the money, with the exception of some complex JavaScript objects. It also has a full library of Web Services.

At any method use, I can right click and go to the declaration, or the test case or simply refactor. All in all I found this IDE to be cleaner, and more user friendly than Eclipse or Aptana and it allows me to work on the things I need to work on rather than monkey around with settings and windows.

2) Aptana Studio still has it's uses. I primarily use this for Adobe Air projects as it streamlines the whole process down nicely. It also has the main javaScript Frameworks already built in. You can choose from YUI, jQuery, MooTools, ExtJs, etc .. and it will build it right into your app with fairly decent code complettion.

3) Eclipse I think is for the multitasker. Little Java here, little php there, sprinkle some python and C++ .. with its wide arsenal of IDE choices and plugins, it makes it the ideal work platform. Getting everything to work together sometimes though can be a challenge.

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